Founders Interview: Stacy Caprio, Her.CEO

April 17, 2020
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Richard Lau

We sit down with Stacy Caprio, founder of Her.CEO as she delves into the stories behind her website building and revenue streams. Read on for a refreshingly open and in-depth view into her journey.

Stacy Caprio, founder of Her.CEO

Tell us about yourself and what your company does, & how long you've been working on it.

My name is Stacy Caprio, and I help people become online entrepreneurs including helping others learn how to buy websites as well as sell them at a profit. I've been working on Her.CEO for over a year now, and have owned my own businesses, including Accelerated Growth Marketing, for over 8 years now.

What inspired you to start your own company - tell us the story?

I started my company when I left my 9 to 5 three years ago and was testing and figuring out different revenue streams. One revenue stream I tested was T-Shirt design and sales, and another was buying websites and improving their revenue for cashflow. Both worked, and T-Shirts petered out due to an algorithm change, so I then pivoted to focus completely on website buying. After I had some success with website buying and selling, I decided to start an blog that would inspire others to have a side hustle or buy and sell websites. I then found the domain name Her.CEO, and set up the site soon after.

How did you decide on your company name and logo?

When choosing the company url I wanted to make it so short and brand-able that the entire url would also be the company name. When I found the url Her.CEO, I knew instinctively that was it, the perfect name that communicated my company and would double as both the url and the company name.

I based the entire brand and site feel around the Her.CEO name as well, so the site feels like the site url, name, and brand which makes it as cohesive and brand-able as possible. One thing that people always tell me after visiting my site or hearing my url is how impressed they are with the name of the url, the site brand and how short the url is. They are also usually impressed with how the site's look reflects its name so well.


I chose the logo based on the site name and brand feel. I knew I wanted the logo to be a spunky entrepreneur girl who was working on a computer. My mom is an artist by trade and we had already worked together the entire year creating designs for T-Shirts to sell on various platforms, so I reached out to her and asked if she could design a girl entrepreneur logo for my new site. She created a few pages of drawings, and I picked my favorite for the logo and then used the rest as other images to decorate the site and blog posts.

Her unique, fun, happy drawing style really fits the brand, and takes my entire site up a level. I don't think I could have found a better person to draw a better logo if I had tried, so I am very lucky my mom is an artist and was able to design the Her.CEO logo.

How long did it take from having the idea to your first customers? Who were your first customers?

It took 2 months after I posted my first T-Shirt design on Amazon to get my first sale, and I had already stopped checking at that point, so it was a happy surprise. The website buying was like taking a short-cut to get revenue because I would buy websites that already had current cashflow from ad revenue so I had income right after buying them. That's the great part about buying a business, you get to skip the waiting and get cashflow immediately, as long as you did your due diligence correctly.

I had the Her.CEO site for over 6 months before it started gaining any traction or people wanting to collaborate, have me help them buy sites or work with them in other ways. The reason it gained the initial traction was I went on the Side Hustle Nation podcast and people loved hearing my story.

After I went on the podcast, I had a spike in site visits and hundreds of people emailing me wanting to work with me and get on my website investing waitlist. Avid Side Hustle Nation podcast listeners still reach out to me weekly from that podcast to this day.

Stacy at a Flippa Exit Event

What's been a good way of growing your customer base and sales? Can you share a few success stories with us?

Organic search has been my favorite way of growing my website traffic and revenue, both for Her.CEO and the websites I have bought and own. Finding low competition keywords that have medium search volume is usually the best way to get more organic traffic.

What are you looking forward to in the next week/month/quarter or year and what are your aspirations for your company?

I'm excited about the potential for video to raise brand awareness and am going to start working on video interviews in a month or two when quarantine is over.
I would love to get other successful entrepreneurs on my channel talking about their lessons learned and path to success so I can learn more, and so my audience can benefit as well. I want Her.CEO to become a place women and men entrepreneurs and website buyers and sellers go to for inspiration, and a brand name in the online entrepreneur space.

Any particular books you can recommend? What's the last one you read?

The best book I've read recently is Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. His original book The 4 Hour Workweek was one of the first I read that inspired me to go into online business years ago, and his more recent book Tools of Titans is even better, but in a very different way. Tools of Titans summarizes the best tips from the best people he's had on his podcast over the years, and is so dense you can only read a few pages at a time to really take it all in, but you learn so many tips, mind-hacks and different business strategies that make it more than worth it. It is by far one of the best and most entertaining business books I have ever read.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I used to swim Varsity in High School and my favorite stroke was butterfly, which is the hardest stroke and most people hate it. I was also so small that people would always underestimate me before they saw me swim, but I was really good and it was fun to see their faces after I got out of the pool.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the world right now is the walk from my Grandma's house to the Panera down the street. My grandma let me live with her the first year I quit my job and was growing my business full-time. The walk from my grandma's house to the Panera was the walk I took every day while I was growing my business, and it has a deja-vu energy when I walk there now, which is a feeling I love. It is also a beautiful, sunny, tree-lined path, and the most calming and beautiful place to walk.


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 Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio

Ever since starting her own swimming lesson business in 2010, Stacy's passion has been growing her own and other's businesses. She's started her own companies as well as worked at several marketing agencies including her own running SEO and paid ads and helping other companies grow. She created her website Her.CEO to inspire others that it is possible to start or buy your own business online and work for yourself. Stacy lives in Chicago and in her free time likes petting dogs and running outside during the months it's not snowing.

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