What Is The Best Time To Start A Business?

Will Craig


Two years ago, I was on the lookout for a new business vehicle for my digital agency and soon realised that the car leasing process was outdated. Customers lacked proper research tools and had to manually compare leasing deals from dozens of brokers, wasting their time and costing them money. Problem-solving is my forte and I immediately saw a solution. By reinventing the outdated leasing buying process and giving control back to the consumer we could give them an invaluable tool for researching and comparing leasing deals.

I would say the best time to start a business is now. Once you have identified an introductory pain point or missing element within a marketplace, you need to fully immerse yourself within that market. Be a knowledge sponge and get to know ALL the ins and outs of the industry. When LeaseFetcher launched into the car leasing industry, we had grown from a newcomer into a trend setter within the space of six months. If you are not the one to act first on opportunity, then you can be sure that your competitors certainly will.

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