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The Logo Maker creates beautiful logos for your business with just a few pieces of information. You can then edit and customise that logo until you are ready to use it to go build your brand.
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Input your business or project name and we'll use our AI powered engine make logos tailored to your brand.

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Add a Slogan For Your Business
Add your Slogan or Description

If you have a slogan, description, or some other text like your industry or category (ex. "Real Estate") you would like added to your logo, you can do it here. It's completely optional and you can always add it or change it before you finalise your design.

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Logo Industry Input
Choose your Industry

Here you can input an industry or category. This helps our AI-powered logo engine make the best logos for your brand. There is a handy auto-complete to help you out. If you don't see anything in the list that matches, don't worry! You can input anything you like and, like everything else, you can always change it before you purchase.

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Pick a logo you like

On our results page, you'll see lots of logos generated by our logo maker just for your business. You can keep generating more until you find something that catches your eye. Keep in mind you can edit any part of the logo in our editor just by clicking "Continue".

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Make it just the way you like it

In our editor you can perfect your logo with any final touches by changing the icon, color, slogan or anything else. Tweak til you are happy, or create something completely new.

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Pick a logo package that's right for you

Choose one of our logo packages designed to help you launch your brand. You'll find options with things like free domain names, business cards, and more to help you put your new logo to good use.

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Download your logo files

Time to download your logo, social media kit, and any other files that came with your package. You'll be ready to launch your new brand in minutes.

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